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How to with Private Label in Italy

More and more fashion companies, designers, retail chains and large shops want to have their products through a Private Label service. This basically means that your products manufactured in Italy will come with your own label and, if you wish, with the sought-after "made in Italy" mark too.

Most Italian factories offer Private Label, but some of them don't. Just ask for this when contacting them directly or sending a request to ItalianModa for submission to multiple Italian companies. Please describe your Private Label project with as much information as possible: this is definitely important in order to get better feedback from the companies.

You can take advantage of two main Private Label scenarios:

  1. you select existing models from the current collections of the manufacturer and want them customized with your own label

  2. you provide your custom designs (tech pack) and the manufacturer will produce them after the information you provide (many companies can even add a complimentary style and technical advice)

Please consider the following points when thinking to your Private Label:

You can use the blue button at the top of this page to submit a request to the Italian manufacturers about your private label project. It is the easiest and quickest way to introduce your project and get feedback and quotes.

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