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Find Italian manufacturers and brands of the best Italian classic and fashion leather shoes and dress shoes for men's, women's, children's, and babies, including fashion shoes, leather boots and jewel sandals.

Luxury Italian shoes sourced directly from the manufacturers, the factories and the artisans in Italy. Leather boots, platform shoes, dress shoes, high heel shoes, sandals, slippers, comfort shoes and moccasins.

Italian designers and stylists of shoes, able to create whole collections or samples of fabulous footwear. Private label to get your shoe collection made in Italy with your own label.

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The best Italian bags wholesale: leather bags, luxury high-fashion bags made in italy, faux leather low-cost bags, trendy bags made from canvas or straw.

Italian manufacturers, brands, and wholesale suppliers of leather bags wholesale made in Italy. Exclusive fashionable bags, purses, clutches, tote bags, messenger bags, backpacks, briefcases,leather goods and leather accessories you cannot find anywhere else.

Bags wholesale, made in italy also by local master artisans and skilled workers, using the finest hides, including exotic skins such as crocodile, ostrich, python and lyzard, or natural materials such as organic fabrics or straw. Besides top-notch elegant chic bags, you can source wholesale beach bags.

Italian dbag artisans, factories, and manufacturers usually offer a Private Label or a collection development service: you can get your custom line of exclusive "Made in Italy" leather bags, or Began bags as well.

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* Produttore di mano comodità tacco basso con calzature da donna, interamente realizzata in Italia da materiali migliori. Private Label disponibili


Brand di calzature donna e stivali di moda, in pelle, arricchiti da superbi accessori e cristalli Swarovski. Calzature femminili di qualità, disegnate seguendo le ultime tendenze della moda


Distributore di scarpe per uomo, in pelle e di alta qualità, in un vasto assortimento di modelli classici e casual, comprese sneakers. Tutte le calzature sono interamente realizzate in Italia, facendo uso di materiali ed accessori di qualità. Specializzato in Private Label


* Produttore di mano casuale comodità uomini scarpe, interamente realizzata in Italia da materiali migliori. Vari modelli disponibili anche per il Private Label


Atelier di calzature uomo di lusso, realizzate interamente a mano in Italia da artigiani di grande esperienza. Scarpe uomo di altissima qualità, disponibili in una vasta gamma di stili, tipi di pelle e colori. Private Label disponibile per boutique di lusso

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