Tanti servizi per trovare i migliori prodotti italiani della moda, all'ingrosso

How to find fantastic, hard to find, Italian-made fashion products. For free.

Submit a request the manufacturers and brands

Use these services to find and get the best Italian fashions!


Visit the online wholesale catalogs individually managed by several Italian manufacturers and brands. Browse products, see their best wholesale prices, ask for additional information, request samples, place orders. Quickly and easily, saving time and money, and finding much more than you ever thought! Registration required, Have a look also at Moda Display, the online repository of a large selection of fabolous products randomly taken from all the online catalogs of the company.

Tips & Tricks: if you already  with the ItalianModa marketplace you can use the same credentials to log in each individual wholesale catalog!


Browse an amazing collection of the finest Italian-made fashion products (ranging from clothing to jewellery) coming from all the Italian manufacturers and brands currently joining the ItalianModa B2B marketplace. A real visual experience with fashion.
Tips & Tricks: this is a great way to find a huge selection of products from all of the companies (not only those having an online catalog). Click any image you like and get more information about the manufacturer, and more products like it..


The ItalianModa B2B MALL is the one-stop site where to find hundreds of fabulous Italian-made fashion products you can buy wholesale direct with the supplier in Italy.

Tips & Tricks: try to be as precise as possible when writing your request. The most detailed it is the better the feedback you will get from the companies....


Your best resource to find overstocks and closeouts of fine quality "made in Italy" fashion products or designer branded merchandise.

Tips & Tricks: visit regularly this section of the ItalianModa B2B marketplace. New offers of valuable merchandise at really competitive prices are added weekly!


Most Italian fashion manufacturers offer a Private Label service. You can have their fantastic products with your own label and the sought-after "made in Italy" mark or you can deliver your own designs to have them manufactured in Italy by skilled workers or artisans.

Tips & Tricks: try to be as precise as possible when writing your request. The most detailed it is the better the feedback you will get from the companies..

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