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Italian fashion shoes handbags wholesale marketplace in ENGLISH Moda italiana: ropa cueros bolsos calzado tejidos ropa blanca Proveedores Français Deutsch Русский Português イタリアンファッション: 服 皮ハンドバッグ 靴 マテリアル 家テクスタイル の供給者 意大利时尚产品:服装 皮革 手提包 鞋 纺织品 家纺 供应商 العربية Portale moda tessile produttori Italiani per l'Export Guida per i compratori | Showrooms Aziende | Cataloghi aziendali | MALL B2B
Suppliers of Italian fashion clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, fashion accessories, lingerie, beachwear, linens, sunglasses,knitwear and fabrics

Dal 2000 il marketplace B2B dei Produttori e Brands italiani
di Abbigliamento Moda, Calzature, Pelletteria, Accessori, Gioielli, Biancheria

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Genuine Made in Italy Italian products protected by the TRUE ITALY TagPermetti ai tuoi clienti di verificare in qualsiasi momenti gli autentici prodotti italiani che hai acquistato. Come ...
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If you are seriously interested in becoming an agent or representative for one or more Italian fashion companies, the ItalianModa marketplace can help you!

Please prepare a detailed and reliable resume of your past experiences and current business, along with references.

Please include what type of market you are interested in, as well as a precise listing of the Italian-made products you would like to represent, then send us your resume by E-Mail .

We will review and submit it to the most pertinent Italian companies. Later, if interested, they will get in touch with you.

You should also have a look at the blog of each company, where you can find its announcements for new agents and representatives. Just visit the company showroom (click for a list of all the showrooms) and follow the company blog link in the upper part of the page. More, you can also browse the ItalianModa Billboard, where there is a comprehensive selection of the announces from the blogs of all of the companies joining the marketplace.



If you are going to open a shop (or revamping an existing one) you may be interested in learning about the franchising solutions offered by some Italian fashion companies.

Joining an Italian franchising program allows you to acquire an Italian brand, as well as high quality products, creating an outstanding combination to make your business more successful.

Please prepare a detailed profile of your past and current business experiences, as well as any possible information regarding your next (or existing) shop location.

In addition, please describe thouroughly the type of Italian fashion merchandise you are interested in selling at your new shop or boutique.

Send us your detailed information (including all your contact data): if your profile is interesting to the Italian companies offering a franchising program you can expect some feedback quite soon.

You can even learn about the new ItalianModa Franchise Programme. If you are opening a shop or revamping an existing one, make it an ItalianModa shop! Read more about the such an exiciting and innovative Franchising!

Looking for gorgeous Italian fashion products? Try these ItalianModa free tools:

  1. REGISTRATION: register with the ItalianModa markeplace and submit your request for making contact with Italian manufacturers and suppliers of specific fashion products. Highly recommended!
    Tips & Tricks: try to be as precise as possible when describing the products (or services) you want to get from Italian companies
  2. COMPANY DIRECTORY BY PRODUCT: browse a comprehensive set of product categories and get listings of Italian companies offering the Italian fashion products you are interested in.
  3. SEARCH: run a simple or advanced search and get a listing of matching companies.
    Tips & Tricks: try to use one or two keywords best describing the Italian products (or services) you are looking for. You will be returned with a listing of Italian fashion companies best matching your search criteria. You can also choose to search for products or discounted overstock lots instead.
  4.  E-MAIL: send us an e-mail message and describe the products you are interested in as precisely as possible (wholesale only). Important: please write down clearly also your company or person name, the street address and a verifiable phone number. 
    Tips & Tricks: try to submit as much information as possible about you and about what you are looking for, including estimated quantities (if possible) and the approximate average wholesale price per unit you can afford. Please always remember that at the ItalianModa marketplace you can find only qualified Italian companies offering high quality fashion products, not cheap low quality items.

  5. MODA ADVISOR: ask for help to the ItalianModa team using a form: submit your request for making contact with Italian manufacturers and suppliers of specific fashion products.
    Tips & Tricks: try to be as precise as possible when describing the products (or services) you want to get from Italian companies.
  6. SHOWROOMS: visit the showrooms of the Italian fashion companies and find product images, company profiles, an online B2B catalog (if any), additional information and documents, sales and overstock lots, the company blog, and much more!
  7. DISTRIBUTORSHIP or FRANCHISING: learn how to get in touch with Italian fashion companies looking for distributors/agents or offering a franchising programme.
    Tips & Tricks: this is interesting to you ONLY if you have the right skills to represent or distribute the products of an Italian fashion or textile company or if you are going to open a shop to take advantage of a franchising proposal. Have a look also at the innovative ItalianModa franchise programme!


You have several ways to have a look at fantastic Italian fashion products :

  1. ITALIAN FASHION PRODUCTS: browse a comprehensive selection of fashion products (clothing, fashion accessories, shoes, handbags, leather goods, lingerie, beachwear, jewellery, hosiery, eyewear, home linens, fabrics, home decor and more) coming from all the Italian manufacturers and suppliers currently joining the ItalianModa marketplace. 
    Tips & Tricks: this tool allows you to find a huge selection of Italian products from all of the companies. Select as many items as you wish and then send a request to all the related manufacturers.

  2. ONLINE CATALOGS: visit the online B2B electronic catalogs individually managed by many Italian fashion companies. Browse products, ask for additional information, request samples, place orders. Quickly and easily, saving time and money, and finding much more than you ever thought! Registration required. Wholesale only.
    Tips & Tricks: if you already registered with the ItalianModa marketplace you can use the same username and password to sign in with each individual online catalog!
  3. FANTASTIC ITALIAN FASHIONS from the E-CATALOGS: use "Moda Display", the global online catalog where to find an extensive selection of sought-after Italian fashion clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, jewels, fabrics and much more, taken from all of the online B2B catalogs of the Italian manufacturers. Run a search or browse a product directory to find a huge quantity of products. Click each picture to jump to the manufacturer's e-Catalog.  
    Tips & Tricks: before using MODA DISPLAY we recommend you to sign up with the ItalianModa marketplace. Keep your username and password at hand to access quickly each individual e-Catalog. A terrific tool!
  4. DISCOUNTED OVERSTOCKS & CLOSEOUTS of Italian fashion products: "Moda Bargains" is a free service that lets you find bargain lots of overstocks and closeouts of fine quality Italian fashions (including clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, handbags, jewels, and much more).
    Tips & Tricks: visit regularly this section of the ItalianModa marketplace. New lots of valuable merchandise at really competitive prices are added weekly. The best way to get sought-after Italian products for less!


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